Repairs and Rigging


Like most things on your boat, sails require annual maintenance for optimum performance.
We undertake all repairs; from complicated re-cuts to replacing UV and re-stitching.

Our Annual Service Program includes:-

  1. Attend boat to collect sails
  2. Inspect sails
  3. Repair any damage*
  4. Delivery and/or fit sail after repair

*All repairs are charged at our standard hourly repair rate.
In the event the cost of repair out weighs the value/condition of the article, we will contact you before proceeding.


When we team-up with our specialist riggers and manage the entire project for you, we deliver your job faster and cheaper.

Features we can offer with our sails:

  • On-Water rig inspection
  • Furler conversions
  • Lazy Jack systems
  • Halyards & lines
  • Re-rigs
  • New masts
  • Rig Tune
  • Hardware service/install